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Kathy Wiseman uses a variety of distinct techniques to facilitate engagement, participation and decision-making of families navigating times of high-stake change in family business, family offices and family foundations. Through her consultation and program development work, Wiseman arms families with unique skills for integrating organizational strategic planning with family governance and relationships.   Learn More
"Kathy Wiseman assisted me, the other directors and our family members, in considering the future. Our focus was to broaden an appropriate level of involvement of family members. Kathy helped us agree on creating a family investment committee that did just that. This decision marks a significant change for our seventh generation family enterprise."

Marshall Evans
President and CEO of Dickinson Company LLC
"The concepts Kathy Wiseman presents at the Working with Families of Wealth seminar are not only profound but also provide attendants with concrete ways to expand their thinking and connect with clients on a deeper level. Kathy is remarkable, insightful and impactful, and represents a truly unique and refreshing voice in her field."

Charles W. Collier
Senior Philanthropic Advisor for Harvard University
Author of Wealth in Families
"Kathy made all the difference in this particular situation. Kathy was able to come in as an outsider [and] get the 40 members of [the] family, who [were] currently working in opposite directions, to find a single focus, and a single mission, and a single vision, around their family's values to move forward together."

Gregory M. Cash, CFP
Managing Director, Investments
Wickham Cash Partners, Merrill Lynch
"Kathy Wiseman has put together a video for the ages, the likes of which I have never seen. The interviews, that feature more than ten years of a father and son living out their interwoven business and family relationships, still resonates with me."

David Cohn
Denver, Colorado
President, 360 Consulting

Behind The Curtain: Interactive Learning Using Documentary Footage

btcConsider going Behind The Curtain...
of Family Business Succession. This program combines structured group discussion and real video footage of a father and son discussing their succession over a ten-year period of time.

Our interactive program is not just the video, rather it is carefully chosen segments with guided discussion in between. The combination puts you in the front row to experience the journey of the father and son ... their differences, their coping mechanisms, their physical and emotional challenges, and their eventual success.

Behind The Curtain premiered to rave reviews at the University of Wisconsin Family Business Center and is now available for booking on your calendar of events!


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